Rules and Regulations

Competition rules:

1) Songs:

a. Three compulsory scores (to be provided after successful registration)

b. Two optional scores

c. Once chosen, the competing scores cannot be changed.

2) Actual singing time:

Total actual singing time for each choir shall not be longer than 10 minutes (excluding the duration of walking on and coming off stage). If the total singing time is too short, an additional song can be added, but there will be 5 percent penalty out of the total score if the stipulated time limits are exceeded.

3) Number of choir members:

The minimum number of singers per team is 25 with no upper limit. The number of people in the team who exceed the age requirement must be less than 10% of the total number of team. Non-singers such as conductors, accompaniments and dancers are not counted.

4) Category requirements:

A (Primary school category 7-12Y)

B (Middle school category13-17Y)

5) Scoring criteria:

Singing skills (pitch, accent, rhythm), artistic (volume, emotion), overall performance (spiritual appearance, coordination), difficulty of selected scores

6) Prizes:

a. The competition will give out gold, silver and excellence awards.

b. All participating teams and singers are awarded certificates.

c. There will be a special award for outstanding conductors.

7) Other instructions:

1. The jury is made up of music experts from Austria, Germany and Italy.

2. All participating teams must arrange their own accompaniment and musical instruments. Only live accompaniment is allowed. Recorded or pre-recorded accompaniment is strictly prohibited.

3. Speeches, translations and certificates for all activities during the competition will be in English or German.

4. All participants must agree to authorize the organizing committee to use their names and photos for promoting the choral festival.

5. The Organizing Committee is responsible for recording, editing and saving performance data of all participating teams and has the right to publish the media.

6. Participants are required to submit the video recorded within two years together with the registration form for selection. The selection results will be announced within one week after the registration deadline.